Base Health Research in 2007 says that the prevalence of people with mental disorder are aged above 15 years old reaches 11.6%. If the population around that age group in 2010 was 169 million people, that means the number of mentally ill people was 19.6 million people.


Until 2013, Indonesia only had 48 public and private psychiatric hospitals. From the 1,678 public hospitals here, only 2% of them have psychiatric services. From the 441 regional public hospitals, only 15 of them have psychiatric services. Furthuremore, there are only around 616 psychiatrists in Indonesia, whose 200 of them work in Jakarta and its surrounding area.


2011 Data from WHO said that there were only 2.5 psychiatrists, 8.8 caregivers and 0.2 clinic psychologists for every 1 million Indonesians. This ratio was far below those of our neighbouring countries such as Thailand, where there were 6.6 psychiatrists, 38.1 caregivers and 28 clinic psychologists for every 1 million Thais. Based on information from the psychiatric services division of the health ministry, there are still around 18,000 people with mental disorder who are chained/handcuffed in houses and rehabilitation centers.



We are directly involved in handling people with mental disorder through existing foundations or organizations that manage mental rehabilitation centers. We consider those existing foundations or organizations as our partners. We carry out thorough evaluation before we establish partnerships with them. We give help in the form of infrastructure building, funds for operational expenses, food, patients’ medicines and remuneration for caregivers.

Until now, we have established partnerships with two rehabilitation centers, Galuh Foundation in Bekasi, West Java and Yayasan Penuh Warna in Jombang, East Java. These centers used to have inadequate infrastructure, so in 2015, we built infrastructure and provided supporting facilities in Galuh Foundation, and in Penuh Warna Foundation in 2017.

People With Mental Disorders

Some of the therapeutic programs that we are currently running are mental health alleviation program, working together with mental health clinic of  Dian Kridaspiritual therapy program with humanity institution Dompet Dhuafa, program physical examination program with UPTD Puskesmas Pengasinan Bekasi dan Alita Clinic Bekasi, art therapy with Art Nouveau studio,  and in-house swimming recreational program. 

People With Mental Disorders

One of our efforts to prepare the patients to get back to a normal society is to create an integrated farming located in Leuwisadeng, Bogor, West Java, which is currently still under development. This facility will be used for the next phase of our mental health rehabilitation program for the patients who have reached a certain progress in their healing process.

People With Mental Disorders