2.5 million children in Indonesia don’t have access to proper education. Almost half of children from low-income families can’t afford to attend secondary school. Children from the poorest households are 4 times more likely to drop out of school. Almost 3% of primary school-aged children don’t attend school at all.

Out of the primary school students, 1 out of 5 children can’t continue to secondary school, compared to 1 out of 10 children living in a more urban area. Children who have uneducated mothers are 20 times more likely to drop out of school.

There are so many schools with awful infrastructural condition, minimal learning and sports facilities, and libraries with minimal resources. Computer labs are below standard, with slow internet connections.

Nationally, teacher to student ratio is pretty good, 1:22 for primary school, 1:16 for junior high school, and 1:12 for senior high school. The problem with this is the teachers are unevenly distributed. There are areas with excess number of teachers while there are areas lacking.

More than 50% of teachers in Indonesia are not qualified for their job. Many of them don’t even have bachelor’s degree, and many of them teach subjects not related to what they study in universities.

We improved the previously inadequate infrastructure used as a learning facility, also providing supporting facilities to broaden the students’ and teachers’ knowledge and insight by building a library and computer lab in SMPN 1 Lamba Leda, East Nusa Tenggara.


We gave scholarships and trainings to capable but unprivileged students in Garut- West Java, through Yayasan Kerta Mentas Mandiri.


Education for Underprivileged Children

We built educational facilities at a couple of schools in remote areas and under-developed villages. We built libraries and organize tutoring sessions named Reading Garden Semesta-Bahari Jambianom, West Nusa Tenggara.


We give an on-going aid to study houses Saab Shares  and helped in renovating Bimbel-BIG tutoring in Bekasi.

Education for Underprivileged Children

Through Reading Garden Pelangi, we built 8 libraries at various schools, which are: 2 in Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara, 2 in Lamba Leda, East Nusa Tenggara, 3 in West Papua and 1 in North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

In the area of religious education and special education, we gave infrastructural improvements for Cahaya Insan Karim Foundation, Nurul Muslimat Foundation and Spectrum Mitra Anak Indonesia Foundation.